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ST5008 LWS ECU UPMAP+HANDHELD GENIUS DUCATI DESERTX - $ 100 Discount for Shift-Tech Exhaust User

ST5008 LWS ECU UPMAP+HANDHELD GENIUS DUCATI DESERTX - $ 100 Discount for Shift-Tech Exhaust User

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ST5008 LWS ECU UPMAP+HANDHELD GENIUS DUCATI DESERTX -- For Competition Purposes only, not EPA or DOT legal.

See link for recent customer review but read it till the end please. 

Each Cylinder is tuned individual with all torque settings optimized in each gear as well as throttle response and fan settings adjusted.

Expect a 6HP / 6lbs torque gain in the mid range, smoother idle, better throttle control and lower temperatures. --- see 2nd picture for Dyno Graph.

--This is PC based, not Mac supported - You will receive the Dimsport Genius that is the stand alone device for the serial communication with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors that will be supplied if needed for your model, you will be able to connect it to your bike, the unit will have all needed software pre-loaded to support your application in other words, it's the correct software for your bike/model/year.

This is how it works:

You will have to connect the unit to your bike, read & save your current ECU/File  information and email this file to us.  We will then email you back the requested map  for your application in a file form that supports your ECU and you need to load it via the handheld to your bike and that's all there is to it. - Email instructions will be send to you after we have received your order.

Available  Tunes are : Shift-Tech Slipon Exhaust / Cat Delete all versions, Akrapovic Slipon, Termignoni Slipon & Full System , SC-Project Slipon , Arrow Slipon , QD Slipon 

Better Cold Start

Smoother and more responsive ride ability with our fuel and ignition changes

  • Smoother power curve over full rpm range

  • RPM limiter will not be changed as it is not necessary

  • Increased torque limit cap from 80% to 99%

  • Open throttle limiters from 90% to 99%

 FAQ: Can I load the base map back to the bike ? -- Yes the base map will be stored in the handheld and you can load it back to the bike if needed and re-load the modified may yet as well, both maps will be stored int he hand held. 

Can I later load another map if I change my exhaust ? -- Yes but you need to read the ECU first again , send us the file and we send you the mapping, at add. cost of $ 250.00

I already have a handheld device, can I use this to read the ECU? --  No they are coded and locked, every tuner does write  his own code so that you can only use the device for their provided services.

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